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The Allied States Army makes its first appearance in Reconstruction, Season 2. The A.S. Army appears throughout the second season of Jericho, where they've set up a military presence in Fillmore County - under the leadership of Major Edward Beck - primarily to hunt down Sarah Mason, but also to finally add Jericho and the remainder of Kansas to the Allied States. They were fisrt seen in Nebraska in the camp known as Camp Liberty , where Heather was taken for medical treatment, it was there that Colonel Hoffman informed her of the new Government and what other remnants there were left.

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  • All the Cheyenne soldiers seen in the show are wearing ACU camo battle dress uniforms while the Texas National Guard soldiers of the Texan embassy in Cheyenne are seen wearing older Battle Dress Uniforms.Major Beck is always seen wearing ACU camo uniform. Allied States Marines wear Multicam camo uniforms.
  • The "AS Army" only appears on ASA soldier uniforms in S02E07. In S02E03 their uniforms still have "US Army" written on their uniforms.
  • The vehicles seen in the show are all seen in desert camo except some vehicles at Camp Liberty and the Marine's M1 tank that jericho managed to capture which have a woodland camo.