Bonnie Richmond is the 18 year-old sister of Stanley Richmond. She is deaf, but is adept at reading lips as well as using American Sign Language. She is able to speak, but her deafness causes her speech to be heavily garbled, and people unaccustomed to hearing her speak have difficulty understanding her. Like her brother, Bonnie is very stubborn and headstrong, and the two share a strong but occasionally adversarial relationship, with Stanley tending to be overprotective of Bonnie, causing the latter some frustration. Bonnie tends to be initially untrusting of strangers, but is willing to risk her life to defend those she's come to trust.

Despite her inability to hear, Bonnie displays remarkable awareness of her surroundings as well as demonstrating proficiency with firearms. In Oversight, Bonnie manages to single-handedly kill part of a team of armed and trained mercenaries with a shotgun when they attempt to capture Mimi Clark from the Richmond Farm, though she is eventually flanked and killed by Goetz.

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