Parker Chanez
Chavez (Known as Private Parker)
Portrayed by
Chris Kramer
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Chavez (portrayed by Chris Kramer) is a CIA deep-cover agent; he and his friend Robert Hawkins are the last survivors of Project Red Bell. His cover identity was that of a soldier, Lieutenant Parker, who was killed in Iraq; in that persona he infiltrates the ASA military, and arrives in Jericho with Major Beck in season 2. Chavez/Parker becomes Hawkins' spy in Beck's camp. He provides information on the cover-up of the September Attacks, and outlines a new mission: to deliver the last nuclear weapon, now in Hawkins' possession, to the independent Republic of Texas to expose Cheyenne's cover-up before Texas sides with the ASA to defeat the eastern remnant of the USA.

Working with Jake Green, Chavez and Hawkins retrieve the information on the cover ups, but Chavez himself is caught and his cover exposed. Hawkins is reluctant to jeopardize the mission by trying to rescue him, but needs Chavez's contacts in Texas. With Jake's help, Chavez escapes while being transported to Loomer Ridge Prison; he travels to Texas to plead the cover-up case, planning to get Hawkins to bring the bomb as proof. In the Season 2 finale, Chavez finalizes arrangements for his contacts to hear out Hawkins and analyze the bomb's origin. Hawkins and Jake deliver the bomb to Texas. As they watch the bomb being loaded and taken away, Chavez tells Jake to expect Texas siding with the USA, and then the "main event" - the Second American Civil War.