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Cheyenne, Wyoming
Population 700,000+
Cheyenne Wyoming
Cheyenne, Wyoming is currently the capital and known most populous city in the Allied States of America. Before the attacks, Cheyenne was the largest city and state capital of Wyoming, however, it had less than 100,000 inhabitants. After the bombs had wiped out most of the principal U.S. cities, Cheyenne became the powerbase for Senator Tomarchio, who created the Allied States of America with Cheyenne as its capital. As seen in Patriots and Tyrants, a lot of new development is taking place within the city, Jake is even seen commenting to Gray Anderson that J&R didn't take long in building their own country. He then looks out over the city, showing a large skyscraper assumed to be the new Jennings & Rall headquarters along with late construction of a new capitol building. The population of Cheyenne by the end of Season 2 is expected to range from 800,000 to 1,100,000.

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