Coalition of the Willing was the twenty-first episode of Season One of Jericho.

Plot SummaryEdit

It starts when a group of rangers from Jericho are out on the road, including Stanley and Bill. They see a light from the distance and a young man with a radio comes up to them. They take him to Mayor Gray Anderson stating that he was a messenger from New Bern; he gives Anderson the radio and he talks into it. On the other end, Phil Constantino asks Jericho for a request; he demands seven farms, including the Richmond farm, and he says they have 4 hours to answer. Also Robert Hawkins, Jake, Eric and Johnston Green return from New Bern after the Jail Break. Jake hears of Constantino's request and tells him to decline it, otherwise he will keep demanding more. After four hours, Phil returns on the radio asking what they have decided, and they say no. Moments later, a mortar is heard over head and lands in front of Town Hall on Main Street. They inspect the damage, and Gail was one of the citizens who were hit in the blast, but she is fine. Gray returns to the radio to ask Phil why he did what he did, and Phil responds that they want what they asked for and if they continue to decline, they will continue to send more mortars every time until they get what they want.

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