Gracie Leigh
Gracie Leigh
General store owner (Gracie's Market)
Portrayed by
Beth Grant
First Appeared
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Gracie Leigh owned a grocery store, Gracie's Market. Although kind and generous when the right people approach her (even giving Dale Turner a place to sleep after his mother is killed in the Atlanta explosion and after his home burned down), Gracie is nosy, opinionated and somewhat ruthless in business. This would cause her to come into conflict with Dale. Gracie shares the store's profit with Jonah Prowse by charging high prices and even bartering for family heirlooms, causing resentment among Jericho's residents. She eventually breaks off the deal to use the store to distribute outside supplies, and is killed in revenge by Mitchell Cafferty, who frames Jonah for it. As a sign of her trust in Dale, Gracie leaves the store to him in her will.

Status Edit

Deceased, murdered presumably by Mitchell Cafferty.

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