Formerly the manager of the local salt mine, after the fallout, Gray volunteered to go out and try to find any signs of life. He was the only one to survive, and supposedly went through horrific ordeals out there.

He was a long time rival of Mayor Johnston Green. He has made a number of moves that undermined Johnston, before and after becoming mayor himself.

He is arrogant, impulsive and a person who can incite a riot. He also is guilty of causing severe tension and dissension. He attempts to undermine everyone's authority because he wants the power and control but is not a good leader. Despite this, there are times when it becomes apparent that Gray does genuinely want what is best for his town, and shows outstanding potential. It seems that his on-the-job training would have been easier to take were he a peacetime mayor.

He makes decisions based on his personal viewpoints and acts rashly. In Vox Populi, he seems to have been humbled by Jake's speech, and may actually turn out to be a decent mayor.

It seems likely, however, that Gray will learn that the mantle of leadership is not as easy as he may think. The lessons he learns in this regard may come at a high price.

However, he makes command decisions without forethought and throws away sound advice, such as telling a group of Jericho rangers to simply attack a New Bern mortar truck, without a sound or even an unsound strategy, which resulted in the deaths of all the rangers except Stanley who curiously survived.

His role in the townEdit

Mayor (Episode 11 - Present) Antagonist. Riot instigator.

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