The Vaccinee

The Hudson River Virus is a deadly virus that alledgedly started in New York. It was quickly spread due to the disorganization and division brought upon the United States by the bombs. It was believed to have been stopped at the Mississippi River or the Blueline, but it has killed thousands of people through out the US and AS. However, there is a vaccine for the virus. In Episode 2.03 Heather receives a Ham radio transmission from Christina in Fall River, Missouri . She says that she has first started seeing the virus 10 days ago, and that in a few days the town has lost 220 people to the virus, who have been quarantined. After Heather talks to Beck about it he gets Fall River help by getting medical attention to the town.

Dale goes to a trading post and gets several thousand Vaccine dosages of the Vaccine for the town. But when
Crews contamed

Containment Soldiers

Goetz finds out about it he goes to the supermarket and takes the vaccines and claims that it could be tainted
Fall River Missouri
because they aren't official J&R vaccines. Heather says that doctors on the ham radio said that a generic vaccine have a very slim chance of being tainted. Goetz and Ravenwood put the vaccines in a warehouse, where Jake and a few others find the vaccines and take all them back to give out to the town. When Goetz confronts Jake at the warehouse, he starts looking for the vaccines. To help hide the vaccines, Trish changes the vaccine form to state that all the doses were delivered and destroyed in Cheyenne. Being told this, Goetz discontinues his search and the people of Jericho are inocculated.
Vachinne Hudson River Virus