Issue #1

Release date: November 25, 2009.

Morse Code Subtitle: You can't shut this down.

The story begins at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, ten months after The Bombs. Hawkins attends a meeting of Texan leaders at the base, and learns that the bomb got the Governor's attention, with the intended result: Texas will help Columbus with fuel, weapons and manpower.

Hawkins remarks that Cheyenne is likely to storm the Mississippi as soon as the United Nations buffer force withdraws. Clark, representing Columbus, admits that because of the Hudson River Virus the USA is not ready for that; even with Texan support they cannot match Cheyenne for numbers or organization. If it comes to war, Cheyenne's opponents will need some "kind of X-factor" that Cheyenne won't see coming, and Clark doesn't know what that is.

Hawkins receives a call for help from the terrorist "John Smith", who is now imprisoned by Cheyenne.

Lackland is then attacked by an air-raid from Cheyenne. Clark and other leaders are killed; and Hawkins and Green narrowly escape.

President Tomarchio, Thomas Valente and other heads of the ASA receive a report on the air raid. Lackland Air Force Base and the East Texas Oil Fields are immobilized. Strategic sites within San Antonio were also destroyed. Civilian casualty rates will be high, but acceptable. Their fighters saw no resistance. By all accounts, the ASA's attack took Texas completely off-guard. President Tomarchio will contact Columbus shortly with an offer of surrender; with any luck, the USA will accept, in which case the ASA saved lives today. The meeting ends.

Major Edward Beck was also watching this from the Sheriff's Office in Jericho. The ASA military are still based in Jericho, and (for unknown reasons) Beck and his troops are once again wearing the A.S. Army insignia, and Beck himself appears to still be in command. Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance.

Hawkins and Green now head for New Mexico –ASA territory – to begin a campaign to free "Smith", who helped build the ASA's information infrastructure and thus knows its weaknesses.

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