Jennings & Rall (commonly abbreviated to J&R) is a government contractor that is part of the television series Jericho. The company plays an important role in the plot.

Jennings & Rall HQ

2021 W. 21st Street
Cheyenne, WY 82000
Logo of Jennings and Rall

Jennings & Rall Plot InvolvementEdit

In Season 2 it is revealed that the company was hired by the new government, called the Allied States of America to take care of the administration of its territories. Like the new government, the company is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Current and former employees of Jennings & Rall have included A.S.A. President Tomarchio, Trish Merrick, Mimi Clark, and "John Smith".


The company was sponsor of Tomarchio's campaign for president before the September attacks. According to "John Smith" he wrote a Continuity of Government Report for Jennings & Rall in the case of nuclear attacks on 25 American cities. "John Smith" believed that Jennings & Rall was trying to take over the federal government long before the attacks and decided to put the supposed attack in action destroying 23 of the 25 cities, the attack on
New York being averted, and Columbus (where Jennings & Rall had a strong presence) wasn't bombed because Hawkins failed to 'deliver the package'. Smith had plans to destroy Jennings and Rall by stealing the bomb that the Allied States Army had confiscated from Hawkins and detonating it in Cheyenne.


Jennings and Rall was contracted by the Allied States to administer to the day-to-day tasks while the government recovered. Jennings and Rall is based in the Federal District of Cheyenne.


According to the plot, Jennings & Rall also includes a wholly-owned subsidiary called Ravenwood, which is a private military company that first appeared in the season one episode "Rogue River". The organization was contracted by the Allied States government to assist in evacuation and control procedures following the nuclear attacks, a move which was ordered due to insufficient numbers of National Guard troops. However, the Ravenwood mercenaries sent to help in Rogue River instead looted the town's medical supplies and murdered unmovable patients and local police at the town's hospital. They later attempted to enter Jericho, but when that failed, they instead attacked the city of New Bern. When ASA soldiers occupy Jericho, the same Ravenwood team is sent in to take over the town's administration. During their control they embezzled funds from Jennings & Rall and confiscated goods from local merchant Dale Turner, including thousands of doses of the "Hudson River Virus" vaccine. The embezzlement led to the team's discharge after being exposed by Mimi Clark, despite their attempt to assassinate her. Bonnie Richmond was killed in the assassination attempt, and a second attempt led to a shootout at the town medical center.

Ravenwood officers include John Goetz, a squad leader, later Chief Administrator of Jericho and Randy Payton, a soldier.


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