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International broadcastersEdit

Country Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule
Template:Flagicon Australia Network Ten September 21, 2006 Thursdays, 8:30pm (various timezones)
Scheduled for return on the 20th of April.
Template:Flagicon Estonia Kanal 2 January 12, 2007 Wednesdays, 9:00pm
Template:Flagicon Bulgaria AXN December 10, 2006[1]
Template:Flagicon Canada A-Channel/CKAL-TV (broadcast)
SPACE (cable)
September 20, 2006 Saturdays, 8:00pm ET
Template:Flagicon Czech Republic AXN December 10, 2006 Mondays, 8:05pm
Template:Flagicon Denmark TV2 February 3 2007 Saturdays, 8:00pm CET
Template:Flagicon France M6 2007[2]
Template:Flagicon Germany Pro 7 May 21, 2007
Template:Flagicon Hungary AXN December 10, 2006
Template:Flagicon Iceland Skjár einn February 7 2007 Wednesdays, 10:00pm
Template:Flagicon Republic of Ireland TV3 (Ireland) December 06, 2006 Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT
Template:Flagicon Israel Xtra HOT on Hot 2007
Template:Flagicon Italy Rai Due January 2008
Template:Flagicon New Zealand TV3 February 11, 2007 Sundays, 9:30pm
Template:Flagicon Norway TV2 Zebra April 11, 2007 Wednesday, 10:30pm
Template:Flagicon Philippines Crime Suspense March 12, 2007 Mondays, 9:00pm
Template:Flagicon Poland AXN December 10, 2006 Mondays, 8:05pm
Template:Flagicon Portugal SIC 2007
Template:Flagicon Romania AXN December 10, 2006[3]
Template:Flagicon Russia Oct 2006
Template:Flagicon Saudi Arabia
and Arab World
Showtime Arabia
SHOWSERIES 1(Subtitled)
April 2,2007 Monday, 22:00 PM
Template:Flagicon Sweden TV4 2007[4]
Template:Flagicon Sri Lanka MTV February 15 2007 Wednesdays, 8:00pm
Template:Flagicon United Kingdom Hallmark Channel (Sky Digital/cable)
ITV2 (Digital television)
January 12, 2007
TBA 2007
Fridays, 8:00pm
Template:Flagicon United States CBS Television (broadcast) September 20, 2006 Wednesdays, 8:00pm ET/PT

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