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This page is about the T.V. show, for the town see Jericho, Kansas


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Jericho is an American Television show that is shown on CBS that aired on September 20th, 2006. After a winter hiatus, it returned on Febuary 21st, 2007. The episode count so far is 23 and the producers have already confirmed a second season.[1] Nina Tassler of CBS also receently treated the fans with the news that CBS has ordered 7 episodes for a second season of Jericho, due to the extreme presence online by the fans.[2]


In the small town of Jericho in Kansas Jake Green returns to town for his grandfather's inheritance. When he leaves, being denied the inheritance, sees out in the distance a Mushroom Cloud appears over Denver, Colorado. Confused as to why there was a mushroom cloud, Jericho finds themselves isolated with loss of all communication. The town also endures many hardships which include:

  • Loss of Power
  • Limited amount of resources
  • Too large of a population to care for
  • Problem with outsiders
  • No communications

First SeasonEdit

In the first 11 episodes the town has many problems with loss of power, and limited supplies. Ultimately, the local gangs are eliminated and a large number of Refugees came to the town. After the winter hiatus, new secrets are revealed but not solved, also they are getting more and more information with the Outside world. Hawkins secret is discovered, the Refugees are threatened to survive, the food supply is running out, and the US is reuniting... but not as one.

The people of Jericho find themselves frightened when a mushroom cloud over Denver, Colorado, appears, and power to the town is lost. Without information, but having to act, the town is first faced with a few specific problens:

  • A school bus missing from a field trip
  • Crowds of people fighting for supplies under the threat of isolation
  • Confusion over the cause of the mushroom cloud over Denver
  • The unrest from all of these problems

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List of Episodes in Jericho Season One
Pilot · Fallout · Four Horsemen · Walls of Jericho · Federal Response · 9:02 · Long Live the Mayor · Rogue River · Crossroads · Red Flag
Vox Populi · The Day Before · Black Jack · Heart of Winter · Semper Fidelis · Winter's End · One Man's Terrorist · A.K.A · Casus Belli · One if by Land · Coalition of the Willing · Why We Fight

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