The Jericho Rangers were a group of citizens formed to protect the town of Jericho from external threats such as Ravenwood.  The group was formed by Jake Green who was requested by his father Mayor Johnston Green as it became evident that the town would need a formal military force to keep Jericho secure. The Rangers received training via a World War 2 era USAAR handbook.  

Known MembersEdit

It is unknown the official list of Rangers as it is unclear the difference between assembled volunteers and the Rangers.  Though during S2, when Mimi is shot and the Rangers are assembled it shows the force has about 11 members, though this may be due to a lack of loyalty post AS dominion, on other members' part to Jake Green's call.  

Accomplishments and ActionsEdit

The Rangers were very active in patrolling Jericho borders, bridges, and other critical operations in securing the town.  The Rangers were the primary line of defense of Jericho and were the first line during the Invasion of Jericho by New Bern.  

In S2 the Rangers were active despite AS Military control of the town.  This was shown by responding to Jake and Eric Green's summons to enter New Bern and assassinate Phil Constatino.  The Rangers also secured Mimi Clark in the Jericho Medical Center, openly defying AS Military dominion and Ravenwood policing operations.  

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Weapons used by the Rangers include M-16's, AK-47's, M1 carbines and L85's, along with several shotguns and hunting rifles.