Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor
Sheriff Deputy
Portrayed by
Bob Stephenson
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Jericho Sheriff Deputy.

One of the original force - he and Bill were the only two left after the Sheriff Dawes and the other deputies were killed.

Was born in Jericho. Played football in high school. Loves to watch television with friend Bill. Never seems to stop talking.

Seems to have taken a liking to the Hawkins Family. When Robert and Darcy seperate, she and her children go to live with the Jimmy Taylor and his family.

Jimmy seems loyal to Johnston Green even after he is no longer the mayor. He seems to have a strong moral code.

Role in the town He's the front line. He'll do whatever it takes to protect Jericho's way of life.

Family and Relationships: Married and has two children, a son named Woody and a daughter.
Close Friend: Bill -- He and Bill seem to be best friends. However, there seems to be some tension in their friendship since Bill supports Gray Anderson and Jimmy is loyal to Johnston Green.
He's close friends with most people in town. He may be next in line for the role of Sheriff of Jericho.

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