"Let me get this straight, we're talking about (Russian) Vietnam era planes, flying through Kansas airspace doing a Chinese drop using U.S. air force equipment?"
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Johnston Green was the mayor of Jericho for many years. He lost a bid for re-election after the bombs went off to Gray Anderson. He was the husband of Gail Green and the father of his two sons, Jake and Eric.

Before the bombsEdit

Johnston Green was a very well-respected man in the town of Jericho before the bombs. Green was well-liked by the townspeople as well. He was mayor of the town for almost 30 years. He was married to Gail Green, and he was present at the wedding of his son Eric and his wife April. At this wedding he bonded with his son Jake and his father E.J. Green. After Jake Green left Jericho for something terrible that has happened this put a strain on him and Jake. They still have a strained and distance relationship.


Johnston and Jake preparing for the fight with New Bern

After the bombsEdit

When Jake came back to Jericho to collect the inheritance of his grandfather's money, Johnston refused to sign it over, thinking that Jake would just run off again. He still cares about Jake but is afraid to show it: like when Jake saves the kids in a Bus Accident. He soon realizes that Jake returned a changed man after he witnesses some of Jake's actions. He is very sympathizing towards his sons and wife. He is very understanding and a leader as well: Jake is more like him in this way. That's why they tend to fight a lot. He truly cares about his town and will help his town at any means cost. He ends up falling sick with the flu and his sons risk their lives going to Rogue River to help save his life. When Jake was hypothermic, he discovers a bit of Jake's past and he realises he and his son share a military past.

During a battle with New Bern, he was critically injured, resulting in his death. He was killed by Phil Constantino.

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"You never know when you might need a tank."

"We are about to go to war with New Bern Kansas, home of the nearest Costco. Today is already as weird as I can handle"

"I've been to big cities and foreign countries but id choose the good town of Jericho over any other."