Kenchy Dhuwalia lived in Las Vegas before the attacks. Afterward, he joined the Red Cross and was sent to Rouge River, Kansas. At Fillmore Hospital, he tried to save as many people as he could after Rouge River was hit hard by the fallout. Ravenwood, sent evacuate Rogue River, ended up killing police, doctors, and many patients. When Jake and Eric headed to Rouge River to get medicine for their father, they meet Kenchy. He tells them which medicine to get for Johnston, and helps them escape Ravenwood. When Jake and Eric escape, Kenchy joins them. Back in Jericho, he administers the medicine and saves Johnston’s life.

In Crossroads, Kenchy is seen in Bailey’s Tavern. There he meets Emily and Heather and goes on to bond with Emily. In Vox Populi, he helps Jake by treating Jonah’s wounds, though Jonah was wanted for the murder of Gracie Leigh.

He also later helped operate on April Green, and after that evidentely joined the clinic staff. He later assists in inocculating Jericho from the Hudson River Virus.