Mary Bailey
Mary Bailey
Eric Green (boyfriend)
Bar owner ([Bailey's Tavern]])
Portrayed by
Clare Carey
First Appeared
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Mary Bailey is the owner of Bailey's Tavern. She and Eric Green have an affair that, for a short time, is kept secret. Eventually the truth comes out and her and Eric have an open relationship. She finds a way to make antibiotics at her still.

Background: Owns Bailey's Tavern. Is in love with Eric Green. Makes her own moonshine to serve at the bar. She also gives the hospital some of her 'moonshine' alcohol to use as an antiseptic.

What we don't know: How she originally fell for Eric Green.
If she is from Jericho.
Where she lives.

Relationship to other characters: - Had an affair with Eric Green that began while he was still married to April. Mary and Eric are now living together and have been seen canoodling in public!
- Has had one run in (that we know of) with Gail Green who, despite being antagonistic, left behind the note she was reading throughout the scene that stated " Be nice. She will be family one day".
- Received advice from Mimi Clark about "being the other woman"

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