Mimi Clark Richmond is the wife of Stanley Richmond.

Her Time in JerichoEdit

She was originally an IRS Agent. She came to Jericho from Washington DC, to audit the Richmond Farm. After the September Attacks, Mimi finds herself stranded in Jericho; after her motel closes, she writes off some of Stanley's debt in exchange for room and board at the Richmond farm. At first she presents a strong face to the world, but breaks down as she becomes aware that her family and friends in Washington are probably dead. Stanley comforts Mimi in her time of despair, and the two eventually develop a relationship. Mimi never expected to fall for Stanley, but once she realized how much he meant to her, she supports him and tries to help both him and Bonnie, Stanley's sister, as much as she can. Although the relationship between them appears to be stormy in the beginning, they both eventually express their love to each other and get engaged. Stanley's sister hated her at first, but the two eventually bond.

In the Second Season, with the re-connection of Jericho to the outside world, Mimi becomes an employee of Jennings & Rall, meanwhile helping Stanley get out of a contract that would in effect give J&R part of his farm. She eventually discovers that $10,000 has been embezzled by Ravenwood contractor John Goetz. In an effort to suppress the evidence, Goetz attacks the farm, killing Bonnie and wounding Mimi. The Rangers guard mimi at the medical center and refuse to let Ravenwood in the building, with Major Beck gone to New Bern Goetz and Ravenwood arrange to start kidnapping the rangers family and forcing them to come out one by one but Jake and the Rangers realize that Goetz has a informant in the clinic with them so they hide and trick him and Goetz into believing they escaped the building. For killing Bonnie and wounding Mimi, Stanley shoots Goetz killing him. During the Season 3 Comic Series Mimi and Stanley get married.

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