Mitch is a treacherous, leering, creepy, evil, emotionally-torturing-to-kids-like Dale, power-hungry, bloodthristy, murderous freak. And as Jonah says on ep 1.07 Long Live the Mayor , "Well, Mitchell Cafferty is an idiot."

Status: Deceased, murdered by Dale Turner.

Background: - He has always been a problem for Jericho and a thorn in Jake's side.
- Was involved in a robbery-gone-wrong about 5 years ago. He served time in jail for it.

What we know: - He presumably killed Gracie Leigh but told the town that Jonah Prowse did it. Only after he threatened Dale with the same fate did the truth come out.
- Helped with the theft of horses from the Green's ranch.
- Back stabbed Jonah and tried to take over the "gang" of characters on the outside of town. Sustained a gunshot wound from a .357 magnum at close range courtesy of young Dale. Almost certainly fatal.
- Chris Sullivan was his best friend until the night Chris died in a robbery gone bad. He blames Jake.

What we don't know: - What exactly his full history is with Jake.
- The reason Jake beat him up before.

Relationships and connections to other characters: - Chris Sullivan, deceased, was his best friend.
- Is now Jonah's enemy.
- Is enemies with Jake

Defining moments: - While in the jail cell, he said to Jake, 'Are you ready for this? You know he'll come for me, and he'll come looking for you.'

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