' was the twenty-first episode of Season One of Jericho. One if by Land, was the twentieth and third-to-last episode in Season One of Jericho. "One if by land" was a term used by the Americans, one if by land, 2 if by sea. New Bern, the enemy of Jericho came by land when they attacked, giving the episode its name.

List of Episodes in Jericho Season One
Pilot · Fallout · Four Horsemen · Walls of Jericho · Federal Response · 9:02 · Long Live the Mayor · Rogue River · Crossroads · Red Flag
Vox Populi · The Day Before · Black Jack · Heart of Winter · Semper Fidelis · Winter's End · One Man's Terrorist · A.K.A. · Casus Belli · One if by Land · Coalition of the Willing · Why We Fight

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