This episode includes seve hints as to how people outside of Jericho are responding to the attacks. A news board and map in the Black Jack camp provide clues to the state of world in the post-attack environment.

the Black Jack map of rumored capitals (blue stars) and nuclear attacks (red dots)

Conversations with refugees sugge that Germany has sent airdropped supplies as wel

Map detailsEdit

Diesel I-70 Manhattan To Topeka I-70 Goodland To Selena
Salt I-70 Ground Zero Denver To Goodland Wichita Triangle
Iodine I-80 East Of North Platte I-80 Lincoln To Omaha
Morphine Route 96 East Of Scott City To Dighton
Antibiotics Route 83 North Of Garden City
Sulphur Death Toll 314 Death Toll 108

The map also indicates the United States has divided into six unnamed regional groupings; their geographic reach is discernible from the map display. "Red flag" routes have higher death toll numbers than the "yellow flag" ones.

Note Gasoline is crossed out of the Demand category.

News boardEdit Edit

"Thank You for asking about the EMP" can be seen at the bottom of the tower.

PM Clements Brings Neutrality To Vote Weather Lab Predicts Worst Winter In Decades
Jennings And Rall Wins Alaska Pipeline Contract 15 Dead In I-70 Attack
Florida Delegates Sent To

Montgomery; Tallahassee Votes To Back Senator Snowden's Claim To Presidency: Fraud Charges Persist

Chicago West Camp Violence

Continues; Magistrate Downs Enlists Springfield (...)

Mosque Burning

Continues; Third Attack In Past (...) Strikes Cincinnati Community; (...)

Senator Tomarchio Suspends

Posse Comitatus Act:  As Expected, Presidential Claimant Grants Wyoming Guard Broader Authority

Regional leadersEdit

Area Capital President
Western Sacramento, CA Senator Morissette
Central Cheyenne, WY Senator Tomarchio
Southern San Antonio, TX Governor Todd
Southeast Montgomery, AL Senator Snowden
Midwest Columbus, OH HHS Secretary Charles
Northeast Rome, NY Unknown

Entrance to the Fairgrounds

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