Robert Hoffman
Robert Hoffman
Allied States Marines Colonel
Portrayed by
Titus Welliver
First Appeared
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Robert Hoffman is a Colonel of the former United States Marine Corps (later the head of the Allied States Marine Corps) He is seen at Camp Liberty.  To what extent Hoffman was active in the United States Military prior to the September Attacks is unknown. 

When met by Heather Lizinski in Camp Liberty was wounded and was being patched up by a medic.  Hoffman listened to Heather about the New Bern invasion of Jericho but informed her that his orders were to secure the highways and interstates in Nebraska.  

Hoffman then has a video conference with Valente where he updates that he has secured the interstate but has come into contact with particularly challenging road gangs.  Following he updates him on the situation between Jericho and New Bern.  Valente then immediately re-tasks Hoffman and his men to "crush the skirmish."