Shep Cale
Shep Cale
Salt mine worker
Portrayed by
Vic Polizos
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Status: missing, presumably committed suicide when he left Jericho in ep 1.3, 4 Horsem

Back ground: Seems to have been an employee of the salt mine.

What we know: Shep was with a group of Jericho residents who waited out the fallout in the salt mine. He was apparently involved in the death of another resident, Scott, who panicked while in the mine. When he left in Four Horsemen he gave Heather a note that blamed himself for the death of Scott which indicates that he probably never planned to return to Jericho. He also apologized for leaving his family (he had at least one young daughter who he is seen holding at the end of the Pilot episode).

His vehicle was later driven back to town by an evacuee of Denver in ep 1.4, Walls of Jericho.

What we don't know: Is he really dead or did he just go to another town?

Relationships and connections to other characters:Family, including at least one daughter

Defining moments:When he volunteers to be one of the people leaving Jericho to try to find info in adjoining towns. He was excluded from going due to the fact that he had a family but demanded to go anyway. Apparently, as indicated by the note he left, he never planned to return.

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