Skylar Stevens is Dale's girlfriend and one of the original citizens of Jericho.

Background Edit

Skylar is the daughter of the family that owns half of the salt mine in Jericho. Being from an affluent family, she is one of the in clique in Jericho's teen community. Left home alone while her parents were on a trip to New York, she doesn't know if they are alive or dead, but believes that they are dead until Dale Turner lets her know that New York survived. Sparks were flying between Dale and Skylar in Fallout when the rains were pummeling Jericho with what the residents believed to be fallout from Denver. In the end they formed a sort of friendship.

What is known Edit

After teaming up with Dale, Skylar is having difficulties in the teen community she was previously a part of. She seems to be gaining credibility in the adult community since she could possibly be considered one of the mine owners. She is romantically involved with Dale and is helping him organize the store. She tries to have her parents declared legally dead so she can make ownership deals involving the salt mine.

What isn't known Edit

  • Did her parents survive the attacks? According to Gray Anderson, New York was able to thwart the attack on their city.

Relationships Edit

Skylar is apparently the only child of a well-to-do businessman in Jericho. She is half owner of the salt mine that was used as a shelter in Fallout. Mr. Stevens is in business with Gray Anderson, who owns the other half of the mine. She is best friends with Lisa Whalley, who was only seen in the first few episodes. Dale's "business partner" and, gradually, girlfriend.