Stanley Richmond is the owner of the Richmond Farm, having inherited it from his parents. Stanley is a relatively simple man, though not lacking in intelligence. He displays strong loyalty towards his friends, and is strongly protective of his younger sister, Bonnie. He is able to fluently communicate using American Sign Language, which he uses to communicate with his sister, who is deaf. He also displays remarkable bravery in the face of danger, willing to expose himself to an irradiated man to save his life, and cracking jokes after potentially being exposed to radioactive fallout in order to cheer up his worried sister.

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Stanley fell in love with Mimi Clark, an IRS agent initially sent to Jericho to audit him and to collect on considerable back taxes he owed to the government. After being trapped in Jericho following the attacks, Mimi slowly comes to accept life in Jericho (a stark contrast to the city life she left behind) and she and Stanley develop feelings for one another.

Stanley's decisions tend to be driven more by emotion than logic, and he often makes brash decisions without thinking things through. For example, in a moment of impatience, he used a crowbar to knock the lid off of a metal silo filled with gasoline fumes immediately after being warned about the possibility of a spark causing an explosion. When his sister was killed by John Goetz, he was beside himself with grief. Upon finally confronting Goetz, Stanley's emotions once more got the better of him, and without a word, Stanley raised a pistol and shot Goetz in the head, much to the dismay of those present who would have preferred putting the man on trial.

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