Former Director of US Homeland Security. He was tasked with covering up Jennings & Rall's connection to the stolen nuclear warheads used in the September attacks. He is now the Director of AS Homeland Security.

About HimEdit

He is part of the Department of Homeland Security; specifically supervising a project to supposedly infiltrate and shut down a suspected terrorist ring.

Hawkins later comes to suspect that Valente was actually the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks. He secures a photo of Valente trying to meet up and purchase the missing nuclear bomb (which Hawkins has in his possession). However in Season 2 we discover Valente's real role was to remove any evidence of J&R's connection to the stolen nuclear warheads. John Smith, an ex J&R employee turns out to be the mastermind behind the September attacks.

In ep 1.22, Why We Fight we see Valente in a leadership role with the newly established federal government based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He has traced the missing bomb to within 200 miles of Jericho and, thus, tells the military to move in to the area and quell the battle with New Bern.