Trish Merrick is a staff member of Jennings & Rall based in Jericho. She works with Mimi Clark and they become friends. Trish helps Stanley regain ownership of his farm. She secretly helps Jericho obtain vaccine against the Hudson River Virus, persuading John Goetz that it was destroyed. Trish knows sign language and befriends Bonnie.

Trish unknowingly reveals to Goetz that Mimi knows about his embezzlement, leading to his raid on the Richmond farm in which Bonnie is killed. Consumed with guilt, Trish works with Mimi to expose Goetz's crimes, resulting in his dismissal. Trish orders Goetz and his team abandoned in the wilderness and departs with other Ravenwood forces. With the town locked down in the aftermath of Goetz's death, Trish never returns.