International assistance is mentioned in both season one and two, but information is limited given the remote location of Jericho.

In the hospital in Rogue River in episode eight of season one Jake and Eric are told by Dr. Kenchy Dhuwhalia that the Red Cross has set up relief efforts and have brought in doctors to work in the refugee camps and set up field hospitals. In episode one of season two a journalist tells Jake that "all up and down the Mississippi" (referring to the Mississippi River) is called "The Blue Line" due to the amount of UN Peacekeepers in the area. This displays that the UN is assisting in recovery efforts.

There are two nations confirmed to have air-dropped supplies: Germany and China. While not confirmed in show it can be assumed that there are other nations assisting in aid efforts. Close allies of the U.S. such as Canada and the United Kingdom would assuredly be assisting in relief efforts.

In the second season it is revealed that many states have joined the Allied States of America in hopes of recovery and rebuilding.

UN flag

Known airdropsEdit

  • Jericho received a Chinese Airdrop
  • New Bern received a German Airdrop


As of the second season, the reporter has brought info of UN Peacekeepers being stationed along the Mississippi River, which is now the border between the two new Americas..