Season 3 (Comics) Edit

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The United Nations remains neutral in the conflict but still have secured the Blue Line.


Season 4 (Comics) Edit

The United Nations Peackeepers allowed Jenning & Rall volunteers to cross the Blue Line into Springfield, Illinois to aid the citizens of the Columbus government who are suffering due to the lack of infrastructure and supplies. Springfield however, as indicated by Hawkins, is one of the most volatile areas in the United States, and are adamantly anti-ASA, deducing it is a ploy by the ASA to provoke conflict to justify a war with the USA.  

A bomb is deployed at the Jennings & Rall encampment by a USA citizen, causing chaos. 

Texas paramilitary attacked the employees the following night. Hawkins then goes to speculate that the ASA will officially declare war on the USA and the UN Peacekeepers will be forced to withdraw.

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