United States of America Is the Original Government of the States East of the Mississippi. The Government is Based in Columbus, Ohio. The United States is built in the states in the East of America. The United States is all that remains of the once great nation, The United States of America. It is thought that there is little food, fuel, and water in the Eastern States but it is unclear if nations like Great Britain, France, Germany, or China have helped them out. The United States is currently fighting it's counter part, The Allied States of America. The Allied States of America has more food, fuel, water and weapons. But has less people.

The United States has recently recieved a message from the Texas Government, informing us that the ASA were behind the attacks. They have offered to help us in our fight against the ASA. Since Texas has decided to join us, we have a better chance at defeating the ASA. We are hopeful that if and when we win this Second America Civil War, that we would bring Senator Tomarchio and his cabnet to Justice.

The GovernmentEdit

The actual United States government is located in the Eastern Block. (The Eastern States). The capital of the United States was thought to be relocated to Albany, New York. But it is now clear that Columbus, Ohio is the new capital of the United States. It remains unclear, but the next man in line to become President of the United States is the leader of the United States.

The United States is much smaller the the Allied States of America, it's counter part. The United States has less weapons, food and oil. But has much more people then the Allied States of America have. It remains unclear, but it would appear the United States of America is following the same Constitution that it followed before the attacks.

The MilitaryEdit

It is unclear how strong the United States military is. A few people think that U.S. Forces in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and ect have come to the Eastern States. But if that is true, they would be more powerful then the Allied States of America. The National Guard Forces in the Eastern states are most likely helping towns and small cities stop disputes or perhaps they are protecting the border. With little fuel in the East, they probably do not have vehicles to the extent the Allied States have.

People in the East do not have nearly as many guns as the South and West do. This may also be a reason why the United States is weak compared to the Allied States. With a possible shortage of weapons, the United States could easily fall to the Allied States.

US Army

US Navy

Us Marine Corps

Us Air Force

Us Coast Guard

US Army and Air National Guard

the reserves of each branch of the Us Armed Forces and those Us Military forces in both Us Northern,Southern,Africa,European,Central,and the Pacific along with Us Military Security Guards and Attchies in embassies around the world

U.S. StatesEdit

The Cloumbus Goverment Controls the Eastern states so that makes it 26 states but in the episode Patriots and Tyrannts when Texas found out about the September atack so they with Cloumbus Goverment instead of Chyeannne Goverment for a total of 27

1- Alabama 2 - Connecticut 3 - Delaware 4 - Florida 5 - Georgia 6 - Illinois 7 - Indiana 8 - Kentucky 9 - Maine 10 - Maryland 11 - Massachusetts 12 - Michigan 13 - Mississippi 14 - New Hampshire 15 - New Jersey 16 - New York 17 - North Carolina 18 - Ohio 19 - Pennsylvania 20 - Rhode Island 21 - South Carolina 22 - Tennessee 23 - Vermont 24 - Virginia 25 - West Virginia 26 - Wisconsin 27 - Texas (at end of Patriots and Tyrannt)